Casual Wall Art Arrangements Show Deliberate Style

No time or desire to carefully plot a wall-art arrangement? Grab a hammer and throw tradition to the wind.

Are you one of those people who's afraid to pound nails into freshly painted walls for fear that you'll put a hole in the "wrong" place? Well, fear no more. Hanging wall decor at random is easier than ever and can give a space a sense of individuality that perfect gridlike arrangements can't.

The key is to keep the arrangement loose but the spacing tight so that the overall effect is one large focal point. Repeat key elements — colors, materials, shapes — within the arrangement for a look that is casual yet pulled together.

Create loosely arranged gallery walls in family spaces for a fun effect, in formal areas for a touch of informality, in modern rooms for a dose of personality, in work spaces for inspiration and in small vignettes for spontaneity.

So put away the tape measure, stand back and sneak a peek at the bigger, more imperfect picture. It'll have you filling those walls with holes in no time.

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