Let’s Put a Price on Art: Your Guide to Art Costs and Buying

We paint you a picture of what affects an artwork’s price — plus a little-known way to take home what you love when it’s beyond your budget
A piece of original art can make a room, be treasured for years and be passed down for generations. And it can be surprisingly affordable or very expensive. Why do some types cost more than others? “Artwork has to be one of the hardest things to price,” says Kate Singleton, founder of Arthound. “There’s no standard framework as there is for a pair of jeans or a bottle of champagne. Major factors come into play.”

The artist, gallery, medium, style and rarity of a piece all can impact how much it costs. And if you come upon a one-of-a-kind work you love, it may be worth just about any price to you.

Interested in using the power of art to power your interior design? Here are three experts’ tips to think about before you shop.

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