A Beginner’s Guide to Original Art and Limited-Edition Prints

When it comes to buying art, you may wonder whether you should choose an original work or go for a limited-edition print. Read on to dispel some myths, understand art world terminology and home in on the art that’s right for you and your space.
Framed or not. When buying a print, it’s always worth asking whether the work will come already framed. Pre-framed is often an option, which adds an element of convenience.

However, if you’re investing in a limited edition of 100 or you’ve discovered a work from an artist living across the globe, there’s a good chance the work will arrive rolled in a tube. This means you’ll need to decide how you want your piece framed. Consider the mood and furnishings of your room, which will help you choose the frame material and color.

The next choice involves mounting. Whether it’s a window mount to create depth or a float mount to highlight the edge of the piece, there will be a correct mount for any work — simply speak to your framer if you’re unsure.

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